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What is Tandem?


After a short briefing of about 20 minutes about the exit from the aircraft, control in freefall and the landing, you will be ready for the jump and you will go on the airplane with your tandem instructor..

During the climb with airplane you will be hooked up to your instructor parachute. Once you reach the height of 4000 meters you will jump from the airplane with your tandem pilot and you will reach the speed of 200 km/h for about 50 seconds of freefall until the opening of the parachute at 1700 meters.

Once the parachute will be open you will enjoy other 5 minutes of great emotions and you will lead the the parachute with brakes, until few hundreds meters from the ground, then your instructor will lead again and you will land safely and comfortably.

To reserve your tandem jump find the skyding school closer to you and book online your tandem from the top menu or call or send an sms at one of these numbers: +39 338.4672892 or +39 327.3594000 writing your name and surname, the day you want to jump, the time, how many people will jump and most important the dropzone where you want to jump. Remind that dropzones are open mostly on satuday, sunday and holidays from 9.00 to sunset. Anyway check the possibility to jump also during the week.


A video operator will follow you during all steps of your tandem jump, from dressing to landing. Few minutes after the landing you will receive a DVD with video and a CD with pictures in the case you requested it. Pictures are in high resolution and they are perfect for printings and sharing on social networks.



To be 18 years old, or 16 if you are with at least one of your parent
You must don't exceed 105 kg of weight
You must don't have particular problems like epilepsy or tachycardia
No scuba dives for 24 hours before the jump


Comfortable clothes


How to start AFF Course

To start the AFF Course you have just to write us with our contact form.

You will receive the number of an instructor and we will give you instructions to pay the insurance and get the medical certificate.

The course is individual, so you will choose when start with theorical lessons and proceed with practical jumps.


What is AFF Course

Corso AFFThe AFF Course is actually the most practice and safe method to learn to skydive..

It was created in United States and permits with an advanced method of teaching to reduce the time of learning of the student, mantaining intact the safety in the theorical course and in the pratical course. The course is divided in two phases:


It is composed by at least 8 hours of learning, between theorical basics and ground simulations, about the freefall and the canopy piloting. Theorical lessons usually are done on friday, in a full day immersion, but they are anyway customizable and times and day can be arranged with the instructor. Once lessons are finished and the student will have demonstrated to be able to fly he starts the second phase of the course.


The course is developed on 7 levels, it's composed by 7 jumps with the instrutor who follows and assists the student. During firse three levels there will be two instructors, from fourth to seventh level there will be just one instructor. During the freefall the student will open the parachute at 1500 meters where the canopy piloting will begin, the student will have to lead the canopy to the landing area helped by the instructor that will guide the student by radio. After every jump will be done a debriefing with the help of the video realized by instructors. During the 7 jumps of the course instructors will evaluate the exercises done by the student. In case of student will need another jump to succesfully pass the level, the repetition of the jump will have an additional cost variable between schools.
Once all 7 jumps are succesfully passed the student is licensed to jump without instructors, but still under the supervision of them.



This is released by a MD of the Aeronautical Federation or in a military hospital. Contact us to receive the contact of a authorized MD.

The cost of insurance depends on the option choosed, it is mandatory and it expires after two years if you are 39 years old or less and one year if you are 40 years old or more. Contact us to receive the list of italian insurances.


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